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    Our days of cold weather have been mixed with warm weather this year and our students are having to dodge the mud at recess. It would be very helpful if you could provide extra clothes for the next few months. We also encourage you to have an indoor pair of shoes available so that mud does not get tracked into classrooms.

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    Spring Book Fair

    Our annual Book Fair was cancelled in the fall but it is coming back this spring! Save the date: our Scholastic Book Fair will be happening during Education Week - the first week of May. There will be more information coming about times and opportunities for sales!



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    Dates to Note

    Here are some important dates that are coming up over the next few months of the school year:
    Family Day: February 19th
    Green Day: March 8th
    March Break: 11th-15th
    Flip Day: March 24th
    (teachers dress like students and students dress like teachers)